“A terra a quem a trabalha!”, 2022

 I organized and composed for a Wave Field Synthesis concert for the International Conference for Live Coding with The Game of Life WFS System, that uses 192 different speakers for spatialization.

“ A terra a quem a trabalha!”  was created for the system in WFSCollider that were played in this concert along with compositions by Ji Youn Kang, Iannis Xenakis and others.

My piece, based on a song of a Portuguese traditional genre of collective singing “cante alentejano”, titled “Reforma Agrária” the artist tries to expand the original songs meaning and sentiment, as the original song was created as a lament, as the cries of “The land to those who work in it!” and “Agricultural reform now!” were never met, as reactionaries were able to pressure corrupt politicians to crush the action taken by poor Portuguese farmers with armed police shortly after the fascist dictatorship that oppressed Portuguese workers came to an end in 1974.

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