“Train of Thought”, 2023

“Train of Thought” is a one person experience in which the subject is challenged with navigating a dark room, filled with threads only lighted by an object that themselves carry. This object contained a sensor that changes aspects of sound that is constantly played in the space all these elements come together in the concept in which the person experiencing the installation is carrying what is a thought of their own, inside a space that represents their own brain, with complementary sound design.
We wanted to explore how people act and interact with spaces, and how comfortable they are doing actions that in other situations they would not be. They are in some sort of way, being manipulated to roll, crawl, and play in a space that they would never do if the installation wasn’t present.

This Installation was a collaborative project from ARDEMAR, Sanne Brunne, Dave Alvar and Sam Golshayan.

More media can be found here.

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