“Rooms by Humans / Spaceless Echo”, 2023

“Rooms by Humans / Spaceless Echo”,  was an installation by ARDEMAR and Iver Kim that presented a new audio-visual interactive environment in an already existing one.

The differences between two areas consists of physical or nonphysical structures that separate them. These separations can be walls, water, mountains and others, with also the possibility of being only conceptual barriers, like borders, property, and people. This last example, people, are what define and the reason why places exist.

Even though it is people who define what a space is, there is an increasing artificial space shortage. Humans are forced to adapt to this, circumventing this barrier by utilizing areas in ways that it was not their intended purpose, like churches, office buildings and monasteries for housing.  Even with these desperate adaptations, it is still not possible for all humans have their own personal or public spaces.

We desire to alter these notions and boundaries that people apply towards spaces and their barriers. Private spaces to become communal and for those who use it, while criticizing the general inaccessibility of these same rooms due to their physical and nonphysical barriers.

With this said, we bring to light in this installation “Rooms by Humans. Spaceless Echo” several adapted spaces that we, ARDEMAR and Iver Kim, have associated long lasting meanings and memories while questioning if these would have ever existed if there were enough areas for all.

For the audiovisual installation, data was taken from vastly different spaces, this data included 3D scans, frequency responses and field recording that were then linked up to each other and then to the movement of the user experiencing the installation, in which theycould change the environment according to their desires.

The audio was also created for a 4-speaker setup, with only spatial audio effects altering the field recordings of the physical spaces. 

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