“Pontilhismo Cinematográfico”, 2022

“Pontilhismo Cinematográfico” was my audio-visual work for the Cinesol exhibition back in September.
The exhibition was the reopening event of the oldest movie theatre in Madeira. Cinesol, built in 1933.
The piece is a sound organization based on four Portuguese films shown in cinemas like this one. These works were introduced MAX MSP where I created a plug-in that cuts the total audio in equal parts, which are played by computer generated randomness.
During playing, I changed parameters such as the size of the sample cuts and whether they are played back in reverse.
As a visual complement, I used image generation through Artificial Intelligence, using a build of two programs done by Francisco André. These generated images are based on the visual identity of Portuguese film in general.

The construction of a work through non-human decisions is no longer something unfeasible. It has recently become a new strand, which challenges relevant questions.
Mixing conventional art with the construction of art by unpredictable methods, I seek to explore the relationship between man and machine, noticing in the choices of something that has no form, and how it affects what has.
I also want to plant this specific relevant question in the spectator's idea:
"Artificial Intelligence and computational probability, are an artist's extension tools, or artists?".

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