Ode Triunfal, 2022

For Creative Code Art Week 20, I present the finished result of the first submission back in December, in which I created typography visuals based on "Ode Triunfal", a futurism poem by Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Fernando Pessoa.
The poem written in 1914 is a eulogy to its time, praising machinery, technology and all that is modern in a very graphic and sporadically expressive writing, filled with onomatopoeias, exclamations and other uncommon written characteristics.

These visuals done with Max/MSP were achieved by separating the poems in several text files, and generating them in a 3D environment.
I challenged myself on only using the audio amplitude to affect the visuals.

The song is also based on the poem, while not directly quoting it. It is filled with samples related what is praised in the poem, industrial bridges swinging due to hard wind, field recordings in abandoned train repair warehouses and hits in elevated water cisterns.

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